JD’s Biker Movie Reviews: The Born Losers

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JD’s Biker Movie Reviews Vol. 6: The Born Losers By: Jim Dugger This month’s flick is the acorn that would eventually grow into the tree that is the legendary cult-like Billy Jack movie series that starts with this unassuming biker flick. This film feels and looks like most of the epic 60s and 70s B- …


JD’s Biker Movie Reviews: “The Wild Angels”

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JD’s Biker Movie Reviews:VOL. 3                                   “ THE WILD ANGELS “ By: Jim Dugger This month’s cinematic jewel is the “ The Wild Angels”.  Released in 1966 and was billed as “the most terrifying movie of our time”.   The movie was also known by the name “All The Fallen Angels”.  Their credo is violence; their …