The Revolutionary Reevu Helmet – A peer review

By ldidsbury on

Article content provided by: Grant Delahoy Motorcycle Riders Association of Victoria President. A recent MAIDS* in depth investigation of accidents involving powered Two Wheel Vehicles in Europe shows that 80.2% of crashes involve another vehicle, with 75% of these on urban roads. The majority of these (60%) were with a passenger car and 54.3% of …

Down On Your Knees: Protekt Riding Jeans

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  Protekt Riding Jeans $97; with TF3 pads $117. Color: denim blue.  Sizes: 32 waist/30 inseam; 32/32; 34-36-38-40/30-32-34; and 42/30-32. 800-222-1994   Reviewed by Ken Aiken   Which hurts the most: falling on your ass or falling to your knees?  I’m not discussing your bruised ego, what I’m referring to is the Icarus Effect.  …