Heavy Duty Attitude: When Fact and Fiction Blur

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The opening chapter of Heavy Duty Attitude is prefaced with a newspaper clipping in The Guardian, dated 15 May 2009, about the fatal stabbing of a nightclub “security” guard and another about a retaliatory biker brawl on June 8. The first book in The Brethren trilogy is immediately tied to the first when Iain Parke, …

Strip Club Choppers

Boot Hill Saloon and Strip Club Choppers Ink Deal

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    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Dec 15, 2012 THE WORLD FAMOUS BOOT HILL SALOON DAYTONA’S OLDEST BIKE BAR AND STRIP CLUB CHOPPERS INK DEAL Two of the industries most iconic brands the Boot Hill Saloon and Strip Club Choppers have joined together bringing bikes back to bike week. Starting in 2013 at Daytona Bike week …


Canada’s Chopper Class: Bike Klub: After-school Youth Program

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Article submitted by program founder: Marc Mazerolle Riverview Middle School Did you know Canada has a “Chopper Class”? Well it does! What is a Chopper Class could be your next question, well, a chopper class is a school based curriculum or program that teaches grade school aged kids about custom motorcycles, the motorcycle industry and …


BikerList.com – A Buy/Sell Website for Motorcycle Enthusiasts

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** PRESS RELEASE** WWW.BIKERLIST.COM: THE LAUNCH OF A BUY/SELL WEBSITE FOR MOTORCYCLE ENTHUSIASTS For Immediate Release: The summer of 2010 marked the launch of www.bikerlist.com a buy/sell website for all motorcycle enthusiasts who have a great passion for motorcycles. The site caters to all enthusiasts, regardless of motorcycle class, taste or experience. Bikerlist.com suits any …

11th Annual 2013 SE Ohio Motorcycle Ride

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Content provided by Rick Wiles of http://www.valueaccessories.net The 11th Annual SE Ohio Motorcycle Ride will take place on August 11, 2013! Add it to your calendar! Leisurely ride from Zanesville going East, through scenic winding back roads at times following a few rivers and lakes. Route will go around Seneca Lake & Dam, Wayne National …


The Revolutionary Reevu Helmet – A peer review

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Article content provided by: Grant Delahoy Motorcycle Riders Association of Victoria President. A recent MAIDS* in depth investigation of accidents involving powered Two Wheel Vehicles in Europe shows that 80.2% of crashes involve another vehicle, with 75% of these on urban roads. The majority of these (60%) were with a passenger car and 54.3% of …

Welcome to the Bikers Report Network!

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Welcome to Bikers Report Network. The network of sites is designed to focus the motorcycle magazine content by State, Country and Region where appropriate. Currently the network is under construction so some states and regions are already up and running, but check our main site at http://www.bikersreport.com for the global articles of interest to bikers …