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2021 Honda ADV150 Certified by CARB

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By Dennis Chung The Honda ADV150 may soon be coming to the U.S., as the California Air Resources Board has certified the scooter for the 2021 model year. Originally announced for Indonesia and other Asian markets last July, the ADV150 is a smaller version of Honda’s X-ADV “adventure scooter” sold in Europe, but with the …

The Norton Factory Is Officially Closed and Its Owner Failed to Appear for a Hearing

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By Wade Thiel The Doors Are Closed Production stopped at Norton Motorcycles. The company was still technically in operation despite the fact that it had entered administration not long ago. Well, now, according to Leicestershire Live, the factory is no longer in operation and concrete blocks have been placed at the entrances to the bike …

These Royal Enfield Side Car Motorcycles Riding Across a Lake Is What Your Winter Needs

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By Wade Thiel Sidecar Motorcycles for the Win Royal Enfield recently posted a video of a team of adventurers going on an expedition across the frozen Mongolian landscape, including the frozen lake of Khovshol. The bikes and sidecars managed to power through the snow for a seriously epic adventure to visit the smallest recognized tribe …