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Electra Glide Ultra Classic and Other Models Missing from 2020 Harley-Davidson EPA Certifications

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By admin A couple of weeks ago, we reported that a couple of Harley-Davidson Sportster models were missing from model year 2020 certification documents released by the California Air Resources Board. Today, we can confirm that the Harley-Davidson Superlow, 1200 Custom and Forty-Eight Special were also omitted from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency‘s latest 2020 …

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Supermoto Two Ways

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By Troy Siahaan I’ve long maintained that riding a supermoto is one of my favorite forms of motorcycling. I’ve also maintained that I have no desire in owning one with headlights and a license plate. The reason is simple: they are one-way tickets to jail. The idea of a dirtbike – a small, nimble, light, …