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A Precise Feminine Touch: The Women of Ducati’s Bologna Factory

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By Ryan Adams Chances are, the beating heart of your Ducati and, for that matter, every other desmo you’ve seen out on the road, was assembled, at least in part, by women. Making up 14% of Ducati’s production line in the Borgo Panigale facility, are women. The vast majority of that number is stationed on …

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Fixed-Fairing Indian Spotted with New Liquid-Cooled V-Twin Engine

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By Dennis Chung Photographs of a near production-ready Indian prototype appeared on various online message boards last weekend, revealing a potential Harley-Davidson Road Glide competitor with a frame-mounted fairing and a new liquid-cooled V-Twin engine. The initial post didn’t last long, as Indian reps soon started reaching out, asking for them to be removed. The …