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MotoGP Catalunya Preview 2019

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By Bruce Allen When it comes to motorcycle racing, a number of readers fail to understand, or simply don’t care about, the deep, underlying resentments in the relationship between Catalonia, once its own country, and Spain. A great number of increasingly-vocal Catalans take this stuff seriously. For them, being a Catalan is different (and far …

Arc Vector Electric Motorcycle – The Tesla of Motorcycles? (Bike Reports) (News)

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By Dirck Edge As electric motorcycles proliferate, more manufacturers emerge … targeting different demographics. Arc is based in England, and is planning to manufacture and sell the Vector next year to an affluent customer willing to part with £90,000 (equal to roughly to $115,000). For that kind of money, Arc is promising high performance, outstanding …

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A Tale of Two Enduros: 2019 Honda CRF250RX vs 2019 Yamaha YZ250FX

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By Ryan Adams Not that long ago riders had only one option for a high-performance, 4-stroke 250 and it took the form of a purpose-built motocrosser. And in the beginning, these newcomers were designed as direct replacements for 125cc 2-strokes, which limited their appeal to a fairly narrow spectrum of younger, track-oriented buyers. Fast forward …

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Best Vented Motorcycle Boots

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By Staff With summer right around the corner, many of you will face motorcycle rides in really hot temperatures, and while much attention gets put towards ventilated jackets (and rightly so), there’s another piece of gear that’s less talked about, but also important: boots. Hot, clammy feet are pretty gross, and wearing non-ventilated boots …